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My husband and I recently moved into Westmount, Edmonton. The first thing we did was call FC Locksmith and arrange for all of the locks on the property to be changed. You can’t be too careful and who knows who the previous owners gave a key to? Our locksmith arrived on time and was very pleasant. Not only did he replace all of the locks on the exterior doors, he also checked that our windows were safe and secure too. My husband and I thoroughly recommend FC Locksmith, who did a great job for us.

~ Ricky C.

I somehow managed to lose my house keys while away at a conference. I called FC Locksmith and arranged for a locksmith to meet me at my house when I arrived back in Edmonton. Sure enough, I arrived by taxi and the locksmith was already waiting. He managed to open the door in what I imagine to be less than a minute with no fuss. I will definitely keep FC Locksmith in mind next time I do something this stupid.

~ Veronica Z.

I operate as a landlord for a number of residential properties across Edmonton. To be safe I have the locks changed every time a tenant leaves a property. Fortunately, I’ve never had a tenant try and gain access to a property after they’ve left, but I believe in minimalizing risk and maximizing safety at all times. I use FC Locksmith to change my locks. They’re always on times, do a good job, and best of all, don’t do a whole lot of damage to my wallet. I’d definitely recommend them to others.

~ Fred B.

Having recently been burgled, I now realize how important it is to find a good locksmith. My apartment was broken into and ransacked whilst I was away one night. When I found out I phoned a locksmith from the local telephone directory. He came and did the job, took the money, and left. A few days later I realized that the door lock was actually still broken. It looked like it had been repaired but it didn’t lock properly. I called the company and they wanted another call out charge to come and fix the problem. How unfair was that? I then asked a colleague if she knew of a good locksmith. She suggested FC Locksmith. I called and they sent a locksmith who did actually fix the lock this time, and now I feel secure in my apartment again. I’m now keeping FC Locksmith’s number somewhere handy

~ Sandra M.

I used FC Locksmith when the lock on my backdoor broke. They came over and did an outstanding job. Well and truly recommended.

~ Mark T.

We are pleased to recommend FC Locksmith who have recently been to our home to replace the locks on our doors. You couldn’t ask for a better job or a more pleasant locksmith.

~ Nancy U.

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