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Lock Rekey

The purpose of a key is to make sure that only those that have the key are allowed access. Generally this system works very well – only one or two people have access to the key, so only they have access to the type of property the key unlocks.

But for keys to work effectively, only those that are meant to have access should handle your key, and unfortunately time has a way of making that less possible:

  1. Your key can be lost or stolen
  2. You let too many people borrow your key
  3. You bought or rented a property from someone else.
  4. You have had many roommates or leased to many people.
  5. You had people in your home that are no longer allowed inside.

At any point a key could be copied or used without your permission. So you need a way to find a new key without having to buy a brand new lock. That’s where lock rekeying comes in.

At FC Locksmith, we offer lock rekey services to commercial and residential customers across the Edmonton area. We’ve rekeyed thousands of locks in every style, and can provide you with both emergency and scheduled assistance depending on the urgency of your needs. Contact us today to learn more about our lock rekey service or to schedule an appointment.

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