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Privacy Policy

The following document contains the Privacy Policy employed and operated by FC Locksmith Edmonton. The information contained within relates to both the company and the company website:

I. Collection of Information

The collection of information relates to that data that is supplied voluntarily by the website visitor. FC Locksmith Edmonton will take collection of only information supplied in a voluntary fashion; that is information supplied using the website contact form or another method of direct correspondence.

Information provided by the website visitor will be encrypted – using industry-approved SSL – prior to being sent from the visitor’s computer or handheld device. This safeguards information in the event that it were to be intercepted by a third party.

II. Data Security and Storage

As well as providing a secure passage for data to be transferred between website visitor and FC Locksmith Edmonton, all information received is handled in a secure manner.

All computer hardware – including personal computers, handheld devices, external/internal disk drives, and internet servers – are security protected using a number of techniques, including password access and encryption.

Stored data is accessible only by employees of the company, who are legally obliged to keep all information private and confidential.

III: Information and Data Distribution

FC Locksmith Edmonton adheres to a ‘No Distribution’ policy. Your information is considered completely confidential and remains for the private use of the company. Henceforth, FC Locksmith Edmonton will not provide any information given by website visitors and customers to any other third party, unless written confirmation is received to the contrary.

However, in some instances it may be necessary to share data with legal authorities. FC Locksmith Edmonton reserves the right to provide a website visitor’s or customer’s data and information to a third-party that is legally sanctioned to be in receipt of such.

IV: Information Usage

Following the initial supply of information, FC Locksmith Edmonton may use that data to contact the website user or customer in the future for the purposes of market research and promotion. The website user or customer can choose to rescind this communication at any point. The company agrees to remove said person’s contact details from any marketing lists, including email distribution lists, and refrain from sending any further communication in not more than 28 days. A person can rejoin such marketing lists at any point by contacting the company direct.

V: Information Access and Queries

All visitors and customers are legally permitted access to any information that any company stores in relation to that person. FC Locksmith Edmonton will happily supply our customers and visitors with stored information providing a written request is received.

Website visitors and customers that have any concerns about this privacy policy, or any other queries relating to FC Locksmith Edmonton’s products and services, should contact the company directly. Contact details are supplied at the end of this privacy policy, or available at our ‘Contact’ page.

VI: General Website Usage

By using the website and each of the adjoined web pages, the user is agreeing to the terms and conditions of the website. These include, but are not limited, to the following agreements:

 FC Locksmith Edmonton is not responsible for any content found on a third party webpage linked to the company’s website.

 FC Locksmith Edmonton is not liable for any damage or detriment caused by computer viruses or other malicious software that is contained within any webpage.

 The user agrees not to use any profanity or other detrimental behavior that may cause others offense while utilizing the website.

 The user agrees to provide correct and quantifiable information at all times.

VII: Privacy Policy Amendments

Changes in the law pertaining to both the use of websites and FC Locksmith Edmonton’s own products may result in the need for amendments to be made to this privacy policy. In this event, all changes will be documented on this page. Visitors are recommended to episodically check this page for any such amendments.

VIII: Contact Details

If you would like to contact us, please use the ‘Contact Us’ form at:

If you would prefer to contact us using an alternative method, please use one of the following:

By Telephone:


Via the website’s contact form found here:


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