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Make New Car Keys Edmonton

Do you want to make new car keys? We can help whether you want to make an extra spare or need our service urgently. Our specialists at FC Locksmith Edmonton, AB, have long experience in car key services and up to date knowledge of the most recent changes in the automobile industry. Aware of the variations among car keys and equipped with the most sophisticated computers and diagnostic systems available in Alberta, our company can cut new keys for you.

New car keys made 24/7

Despite the differentiation among car keys, new ignition key replacements are easily made by our company thanks to our updated expertise and specialized equipment. We cut the keys with precision regardless if their teeth are found at the side or center of the key, and we can also make new car keys even if you don’t have the original key. The most crucial step is key programming. You can trust that our technicians use our high tech computerized systems and utilize their expertise in order to properly program the new chip key to the car’s immobilizer. A car key made and programmed accurately will offer you the expected security and convenience.

Our car locksmith makes and programs your keys

If you need our assistance urgently, don’t hesitate to call 24/7. When your key is lost or stolen, we have the new ignition key made very fast. Our technicians can also make an emergency car key and help you deal with ignition problems. When we make the new key, we test it. We make sure it starts the ignition and opens the door, trunk and glove compartment. This is possible once the new automotive key made is programmed to communicate with the security locking system of your vehicle.

When the door of the car doesn’t open, the key is lost or doesn’t communicate with the car, access to your car is denied, and the ignition doesn’t start, let us help you. We can make new car keys for you and help everyone in Edmonton now.

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