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Lock Picking

IMG_1144Lock picking is basically an art and FC Locksmith is the best artist in Edmonton. It offers 24 hour services, owns the appropriate equipment and knows how to unlock any door without inducing damages. Picking locks requires expertise, careful movements and experience since it involves the manipulation of the lock’s components in order to retract the bolt and unlock the door. It must be carried out with the proper, professional tools ranging from a torsion wrench to ball, hook and half-diamond picks.

Lock picking is one of the most usual locksmith services since it would be required during a house lockout or when people forget or lose their car keys. Locks are installed to provide security and that’s why they are supposed to open with their matched keys. Deadbolt installation is common in Edmonton and most of these locks would actually work by rotating the cylinder with the proper key. When people lose their keys, the next best thing is to trust the excellent equipment, discretion and expertise of the technicians of our Edmonton FC Locksmith.

Our company carries professional tools and all technicians are trained to offer efficient work. Lock picking requires attention and you can be sure that we have the capacity and competence to complete the job without damaging the lock or the door. We keep track of innovations and new window and door lock systems in order to have perfect knowledge of how their mechanism works for the case you would need lock picking. You can be sure that we can handle all types of locks and thanks to our mobile teams and excellent infrastructure all FC Locksmith technical teams in Edmonton are quick and totally effective.

FC Locksmith will certainly rekey the picked lock in case the keys were lost and it has the capacity to replace the entire lock, too. So, next time you need a lock picking, remember to contact FC Locksmith. Our 24-hour service means that we can attend any problem in or around the Edmonton area no matter what time of day it is.

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