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Lock Installation

Your security is of the utmost importance. That’s why you install locks on your doors. These locks help prevent unauthorized visitors from gaining easy access to your property, so that only those with a key are able to operate your door.

But many Edmonton homes have an inadequate number of locks, especially considering the frequency of criminal activity. In addition, locks may be broken during a break in, or the type of lock you use may be too easy to crack.

Lock Installation for Homes and Offices

As a trained locksmith, we provide lock installation services for residential and commercial customers all over the Edmonton area. We offer nearly every type of lock imaginable to help enhance or replace your current security.

  1. Deadbolts to protect against a physical attack.
  2. Tumbler locks to reduce foot traffic.
  3. High security locks to prevent unauthorized access.
  4. Sliding door chains for added protection.
  5. Replacement locks for locks that have received damage.

No matter the type of door or the type of security you’re looking for, our experts are trained and ready to install any type of lock directly onto your property, with quality checks to make sure each and every lock is working properly. Call us today to learn more about our lock installation services, or to discuss what locks would be best for your security.

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