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Eviction Services

IMG_1830During any eviction, emotions are sure to run high so it’s important for a landlord to remain focused on the job at hand. One of the most important things to remember is to change the locks on the property that is being vacated.

Under no circumstances should a departing tenant be able to access the property at a later date. This is in the best interests of both the landlord and any new tenants. This is certainly the case for evictions that are carried out by force, and where there is bad blood in the air. With access – an ex-tenant, as well as anybody else they may have given a duplicate key to, can return and cause damage to the property.

Even if an eviction runs smoothly and there are no bad feelings, it’s still vital that all exterior locks are changed. This is simply a question of security as well as common sense.

FC Locksmith offers full eviction services to landlords in and around Edmonton. Whether you’re planning an eviction and want a locksmith present, or you require emergency assistance after the event, we can help you.

Our locksmiths will change all locks as well as repair any damage caused before or during the eviction itself. We also offer to install security devices, including video cameras, should you desire such. Our 24-hour service also means that we’ll be there to help, even if you’re looking to change the locks in the middle of the night.

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